LVBA Award 2001 Abington:

Bon Fauxnique produced a soft mottled 3-color glaze for all of the living spaces in the home with the exception of three featured areas:

Master Bath - Classic Roman Arch


The Master Bath featured bottichino marble on the floors and the lower portion of the walls. With paint, we matched the existing marble to extend up the walls creating a courtyard effect. A sky finish was applied on the walls and ceiling above. The roman arch was designed with 1-point perspective using the entrance from the adjacent bedroom as the point of view. The original, hand painted landscape was designed incorporating ariel perspective to suggest depth and to give the illusion of elevation. The faux marble was also painted on the upper portion of the vanity to integrate all of the architectural elements into the painted environment.


Dining Room and Formal Sitting Room

The high-gloss red embedded finish was selected to give these rooms an elegant sophistication. The extensive woodwork was painted in a high-gloss taupe to provide contrast and accent.


The dining room ceiling featured a curved tray with rope lighting. The sky was painted with a two-layer, six color glaze. The illusion of the atrium structure was achieved by applying a 3-range bronze glaze creating the appearance of 3 dimensions. The painted cherubs were added to enhance the renaissance style complementing the 3-color high gloss red embedded finish on the walls.


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