LVBA Award 2004 -
"Benvenuto alla Bella Cucina!"

(Welcome to the Beautiful Kitchen)

From a golden medieval facade of a Siena Church to the crumbling walls of a Chianti farmhouse, the essence of centuries old crusty brick, mortar and stucco was captured by utilizing three different "out of the can"latex materials to replicate t look and feel of distressed masonry. A multi-color glaze application augments the faux texture by creating the illusion of the layering of time. Painted details of cracks and breaking mortar add to the effect.


A hand lettered "La Cucina" welcomes you into the kitchen from the foyer while handpainted vines add a splash of color to contrast with the neutral tones of the wall surface.


The featured element is an arched opening above the sink. Using the same radius as the cabinetry, a one-point linear perspective opening creates a trompe l'oeil (fool-the-eye) illusion of dimension on the flat surface. Highlights and shadow were incorporated to add the feel of reality byilluminating the sill in soft sunlight. The handpainted landscape is a composite of typical elements found to the region South of Florence. Rolling vineyards, timeless architecture, towering cedars, and a wispy summer sky
provide a tranquil view through the faux window


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