LVBA Award 2005 -
The Transformation of the "Viridian Victorian"

Society of the Arts (SOTA) Designer Showhouse

The new residents of this spacious French Manor House planned to do a complete interior decorating renovation. From formal living areas to casual play spaces, the challenge was to create innovative wall and ceiling finishes that would have an immediate stand alone impact while enhancing the essence of each room¹s decor. Working from fabric swatches, conceptual drawings, and existing architectural surfaces, the design process required extensive experimentation with various faux specific materials and multiple samples to achieve the unique "look" the homeowners were seeking.


foyerThe main foyer features a wall finish created by combining yellow ochre, black, emerald and forrest green applied in two layers over a medium green base. The finishing technique combines solvents and glazes and was manipulated to create organic drifts and an optical sense of depth.

A troweled, three layer, gold and copper wall finish adorns the small vestibule. An application of a mahogany toning glaze over the combination of bright metallics resulted in a subtle glow to enhance the oak woodwork
and patina of the chandelier.

The shimmering golden glow of the ceiling balances and contrasts the cool tones of the walls. Inter-troweling two similar colors of a lustrous plaster in five layers produced subtle variations of tone. Hand burnished to a low
sheen, the surface reflects nuances of ambient light and an aged elegance.foyer

foyer An "Art Deco"woodgrained perimeter was faux painted onto the ceiling to replicate the marquetry of the existing floor pattern in the vestibule.

Irregular shapes and slopes of the walls and ceiling required a design
which would integrate the two entities into a single visual statement. The Trompe l'oeil (fool the eye) effect of the highlight and shadow creates an effective three dimensional illusion of real wood trim.


The two story staircase wall features a faux painted stained-glass triptych. The Art Noveaux floral design, trimmed in a metallic gold frame, focal point on the large open space.

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