LVBA Award 2006 -
Tuscany Village "Via Delle Sorelle"

(Street of the Sisters)

A stroll down the "Via Delle Sorelle"(Street of the Sisters) or..."Well, Dad, If you won┬╣t take us all to Italy can we have a little bit of Italy come here?"

Four, very popular, teenage sisters with dreams of European adventures charmed their Dad into having their computer room and bedroom hallway transformed into an Italian street scene. Using multi-layered wall finishes, decorative painting, hand-lettering, mural art, woodgraining, and a lot of research, this white walled corridor evolved into a colorful Tuscany treasure.


Details gleaned from photos of a visit to the hilltop town of Pienza inspired the design. Architectural elements, wall surfaces, street fixtures, flora, signage and the distant vistas of the surrounding countryside were all blended into an authentic replication.

The artistic challenges for designing within a 4' wide hallway required special considerations. To achieve as natural an appearance as possible, a"floating perspective" was developed by creating multiple vanishing points rendered to attain a realistic look from each of the four bedroom doorwaysand as you pass through the hall.


The low entry into the "Piazza del Computer" captures the essence of centuries old crusty brick, mortar and stucco by utilizing three different "out of the can" latex materials layered to capture the flavor of distressed masonry. The passageway leads to an open "courtyard" with a soft summer sky, and old wooden beams wrapped with vines painted on the ceiling. A hand-lettered street sign framed by an old knurly vine welcomes you to the "Street of the Sisters"


Turning the corner you pass three trompe l'oeil windows each with its own character. Complex Italian ceramics, potted plants and sheer draperies veiling imaginary darkened rooms invite you to peek inside. Like the tiny dwellings tucked into backstreet Pienza, each of the girls' bedrooms is identified with a small address plaque to more easily direct the masses of visiting friends...a much needed convenience for frazzled parents... "She's in number 3."


Down the hall, you cross the bridge overlooking tile rooftops and the rolling vineyards below. Ancient villas nestled on surrounding hilltops and the distant mountains seemingly push the walls back to the horizon. Another handpainted vine, created to unify the walls and ceiling, awaits you at the end of the tour.


Like a precious jewel, this bedroom corridor has become the featured area in the home which beckons visitors to take a leisurely stroll down the "Via Delle Sorelle".


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