LVBA Award 2007 - It all starts with the walls

For any successful interior design project, it all starts with the walls

The new residents of this spacious French Manor House planned to do a complete interior decorating renovation. From formal living areas to casual play spaces, the challenge was to create innovative wall and ceiling finishes that would have an immediate stand alone impact while enhancing the essence of each room¹s decor. Working from fabric swatches, conceptual drawings, and existing architectural surfaces, the design process required extensive experimentation with various faux specific materials and multiple samples to achieve the unique "look" the homeowners were seeking.


The Entry Foyer:

foyerBy embedding tissue paper in a charred bronze paint, the resulting veined texture created the surface which captured successive layers of a reflective gold plaster and a mahogany toning wash. The ceiling was finished with a blended gold and pearl glaze. Light beaming through the cut glass doors dances off the surfaces and fills the space with an inviting warmth.

The Living Room:

living roomliving room

On the walls, a platinum base and two layers of an organically troweled Gold Deco plaster were tightly skim coated with a two color blended mica paste. The result was a richly glowing metallic finish softened with a veil of champagne mist. The previously painted white wood work: Crowns, Base, Beams and Fireplace were woodgrained. Seven layers were required to create the illusion of wood apparently so convincing that the carpenters on the project were overheard arguing as to the species.

The Game Room:

family roomTo capture the essence of a "casual but elegant" activity area, stiff brushes were vertically dragged over a troweled application of three shades of blue mica plaster. A skim coat and horizontal dragging of a blended silver and pearl deco plaster resulted in a denim-like finish that evoked a formal pattern with a playful punch.

The Arcade:

dining room In a room with no natural light, we needed to amplify the illumination emitted from the electronic games. The ceiling and walls were coated with three layers of a reflective metallic copper base. Vertical stripes were masked to create an alternating organic amber and mahogany aniline glaze layer. The resulting surfaces bounce the light around the room like a super charged pinball machine.

The Dining Room:

kitchen kitchen

The ultimate challenge..."Can you make the walls look like this baby blue moire taffeta but with some gold in it?" The formidable task of replicating the shimmering fabric required stacks of samples. Application tools had to be invented to achieve the intermittent linear pattern. To solve the problem of "working time", various formulations with extenders had to be incorporated into the mix. After the walls were completed, moldings and trim were painted gold and hand buffed to a satin finish. On the ceiling, a silver and pearl glaze is enhanced with a hand painted decorative border. The intertwined gold flourishes are adorned with a delicate leaf and floral motif to mirror the elegant fabrics in the furnishings and draperies. Served in this dining room... a "feast for the eyes".

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