LVBA Award 2009 - Things are Looking Up!

This newly constructed home features a variety of architecturally unique ceilings.

The design objective: to create custom finishes to maximize their shape and contours, enhance the glow of the accent lighting, and form a colorful umbrella to coordinate with all of the decorative elements below. Working from stacks of fabric patches, paint swatches, chunks of marble and furniture photos, the development of the sample boards combined the homeowners inspiration and our ability to translate her thoughts into visual reality. The technical challenges of concave, convex and compound curves on the ceilings required modified layering sequences and finessed troweling techniques.


The Entry Dome:

domeA small accent at the peak of this coffered dome was layered with bronze and gold plasters to embellish the existing chandelier. Although the area is small, the impact is large.

The Barrel:

barrel A luminescent blend of Copper, Pearl and Gold Deco Plasters were organically troweled into a five layer finish that bounces the ambient and decorative accent lights all over the place. The once dreary, light sucking space now pops with color.

The Kitchen Polygon:

kitchenThe vast viridian marble counter tops were the inspiration for a five layer, seven color mica plaster finish. Using a variety of application tools, the interplay of the translucent materials complement the massive green slab below and echo the rich flavors of the cabinets and the bronzy patina of the stove hood. This ceiling glows with jewel-toned elegance.

The Egg Carton:

kitchenA triple domed structure at the west entrance features antique Tiffany fixtures. The requested "timeworn look" was achieved by applying a stippled base, skim coating a blend of two golden tone mica plasters and finishing the corner junctures with earth-tone glazes. The reflections cast by the multi-colored glass add to the shimmer.

The Sculpture:

kitchenThis two level sculpted dining room ceiling required special attention. The elaborate fabric patterns and colors in the drapery and furniture were captured in an effervescent finish of Champagne, Denim and Silver Moss mica plasters. Six layers organically applied, from heavy bodied pastes to watery thin soups, created a frothy surface allowing light to dance from deep within. The undulating nature of this gossamer texture reveals an illusion that changes color and character as you move around the room.

Attention grabbing finishes above your head offer a visual interplay of surfaces at all levels. The results of this project far exceeded the homeowners' expectations which only goes to prove: when it comes to searching for unique decorative solutions for your ceilings.... things are looking up!

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