LVBA Award 2010 - Narrative:

The Great White Castle Wishlist

Even before we had the chance to say hello... "I hate all this white!" was the anguished utterance we heard from the owner as were greeted at his front door. The virgin walls, ceilings and trim of his new home were coated with a dull and sterile layer of white. "I wish I could just wave a magic wand and make it it look like these!" Leading us to a disheveled stack of dog-eared magazines, his proactive vision for the transformation of his "castle" was inspired by a hodge podge of wall finish photos found in his research bazaar. The toughest task was to reign in his shoot -from -the -hip enthusiasm. When reality eventually set in, and we discussed the necessity to avoid "the kid in the candy store" approach to the project, we convinced him that establishing priority wishlist would make for a more efficient, cohesive and economic strategy. Due to budgetary constraints, the final goal had to be achieved over time. But, we still had to create an up-front plan that would finally result in a harmonious blend of textures, colors and pattern. The ultimate challenge: Transform the blank white canvas into something visually stimulating, coordinated and unique but within a specified budget. With an arsenal of finishing, and decorative samples we began the development of custom variations to coordinate with the existing floors, tiled surfaces, and swatches of drapery fabric. Walls, ceilings, columns, moldings and other architectural features were all addressed as individual elements, yet they had to relate to the overall scheme. The open flow of the structure required careful consideration of color transition, The random organic patterns and textures had to produce variety yet maintain visual continuity. There are too many application details to describe, but we can report that more than 22 multi-layered custom finishes, using over 20 different faux specific products with more than 100 custom blended colors were used in the project. Multi-layered plasters, metallic glazes, embossed stencils, wood-grain matching, trompe l'oeil, color washes, gilding, hand painted decorative art, concrete veneers, stone & brick replication, toned wax and other visual chicanery were employed create the eye candy. Making painted wood columns look like stone, making steel doors look like wood, making flat walls look dimensional, splashing color and texture from one area to the next we eventually had all the of the annoying white smothered under layers of wish-fulfilling splendor. With the transformation complete, our client's dreams had finally come true... using no magic wands... just a myriad of brushes, rollers and trowels. As he gazed at the results, our very satisfied customer proclaimed "I love it all!" The wishlist was complete and the once stark white castle was now a home.


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