LVBA Award 2011 - Leaves & Luminosity

The bland colors and the tired wallpaper patterns were just too boring to live with.

So, as new owners sometimes do, a complete interior decorating renovation was in order. From the foyer to the master bedroom, our goal was to create innovative wall finishes that would have an immediate stand alone impact and enhance the essence of each room's decor, all while maintaining continuity among the adjacent spaces. Loving nature as a design theme, we were challenged by the Mrs. to "try to incorporate plants and leaves... and make it sparkle!" Working from fabric swatches, furniture, and existing architectural surfaces, the design development required extensive experimentation with various faux specific materials and multiple samples and sketches to achieve the unique "look" the homeowners were seeking.


The Entry Foyer: Leaves & Lumninosity.


Working with 3 colors of plasters infused with gold mica powder this 5 layer finish was brought to life by stamping large artificial leaves into the wet suerface creating a subtle pattern of falling foliage drifting down frojm the ceiling. Illuminated by the directional spots, the reflective finish catches the highlights and provides a rich warm glow.

The Living Room: Rich & Reflective

living roomwalls

To compliment the large artwork and rich tones of the flooring a 4 layer textured finish with reflective plaster and a translucent skim of metallic gold creates an illusion of motion as the light changes the appearance. Direct light makes the surface red, while side light makes the surface look gold... a really interesting effect as you walk through the room.

The Family Room: Creamy & Casual

family room

The deep browns and creams in the oriental carpet and rich leather furnishings were the inspiration for the 7 layer venetian plaster finish. The translucent additives incorporated into the neutral colors generated the transparency to see the dark sub-layers emerging from depths. The open troweling techniques give the overall pattern an organic flavor perfect for the casual living space.

The Dining Room: Formal & Floral

dining roomThis simple finish features two tone sage base coat with a 3-color mottled glaze. The vine and leaf design is hand painted to compliment the natural decor.

The Kitchen/Dinette: Rusty & Rustic

kitchenThe limited wall space with plenty of natural light was perfect for a deep glaze of rust tones. Using the same glaze colors in concentrated form, the ghosty-like branches and leaves were hand painted to invite the outdoors in. The branches leaning over the skylight mirror with the tree motif on the walls to complete the nature theme.

The Master Bedroom: Calm & Coral

Using silver nica powders in the plasters, sorft corals and terra tones were blended to make for a soothing retreat. The faint glow projects an irridescent quality that really sets the mood. The focal point in the peak was a grouping of hand painted leaves that continues the natural theme found throughout the house. Layered color, texture, patern, and sheen, are all design elements which give the eye so much more to enjoy. Incorporating these design basics along with the nature motif transformed the walls from ho-hum to Oh Wow!

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