LVBA Award 2012 - Of Culture and Color

The stark white walls of their new house in a local over 55 community needed to be adorned with color, texture and art to make it their home.

A cultural heritage, rich in color and pattern, was the over-riding influence for the decorative decisions. Working from fabric swatches, furniture, and existing architectural surfaces, the design development required extensive experimentation with various faux specific materials and multiple samples to create the wall finishes. Decorative art and embellishments, all with flavors of India, were researched and incorporated into the overall design.


foyerThe Foyer Art:

A tall vertical wall adjacent to the staircase is the first thing seen as you enter the home. Based on an ornamental graphic from a wedding invitation, the bold outlines on a gold metallic plaster field incorporate reds and greens from the images of surrounding artwork.

living roomThe Kitchen:

The kitchen was a dark and lifeless interior space with no exterior walls and just a smidgen of filtered natural

light. A glazed wall finish extracting the colors from the floor tiles provided the stone-like backdrop for a trompe l'oeil window featuring a distant landscape with a couple of hummingbirds hovering over an urn filled with colorful flowers. With a little directional lighting, the once dreary nook now boasts an illuminated window creating the illusion of open spaces.

family roomThe Master Bedroom:

Gleaning the colors and patterns from the drapery fabrics, the walls, tray and ceilings were painted with three monochromatic tones. The walls were shadow striped with alternating satin on matte resulting on light generating a subtle interplay of the sheen differences. The number, width and layout of the stripes had to consider the symmetry of the fabric design and the architectural elements of the room. The elements of the flowers and vines motif were the genesis for the hand painted embellishments growing from the base of the entry wall and traversing the tray. Metallic copper, gold, pearl and bronze were intermixed to get matching reflective colors.

The Powder Room:

The jewel-like, mother of pearl wall finish features layered applications of tinted metallic colors sandwiched between translucent plasters. Perfect for bathrooms, the super sealed surface is resistant to moisture and has a reflective quality that augments available light. Using three different paisley stencils, a snowflake mica plaster was troweled over to create an embossed random pattern. Primary pigments were then painted on to the raised surface to provide contrast between light reflective and absorbent colors.

kitchenkitchenReligious Embellishments:

The framed art hanging on the outside of the Prayer Room is flanked by two arched images of religious significance. A brown suede plaster was applied to the wall with the image area omitted. The Peacock and Rooster were painted directly on the wall and then bordered by a painted metallic gold frame. The illusion of shadow and dimension are created by using dark glazes.

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