Art Panels & Frescoes:

Creating imagery on panels provides the opportunity to move the art with you. .

Ancient Artifice custom handpainted art frescoes

Ancient Art Panels

They are still in the experimental stage, but we are working to perfect the imagery by using the techniques we've developed over the years with our wall finishes. They are inspired by our trip to Greece last Summer. Our visits to the ancient city of Knossos on the island of Crete and the Museums on Santorini and in Athens gave us the motivation to replicate the Frescoes from the Minoan Civilization which were first created 3500 years ago. Originally painted on fresh plaster with waterbased pigments, the centuries have eroded the surfaces and atmospheric deposits have stained the once pristine colors. Our Fresco reproductions are accurate in imagery and evoke the feeling that time has taken its toll. In addition to the Greek subjects, we're looking to recreate Egyptian, Persian and early Roman Frescoes.

greek art replicas - antelopes
Akrotiri Art Collection : Minoan Antelopes

greek wall art - woman the adorant
Akrotiri Art Collection : The Adorants

art for sale by artist greek - blue monkeys
Akrotiri Art Collection : Blue Monkeys

wall art direct from artist - the dolphins
Knossos Art Collection : The Dolphins

greek art replicas ladies of the courtKnossos Art Collection : Ladies of the Court

custom wall art - the bull leapers
Knossos Art Collection : The Bull Leapers

ancient art replicas - The Musicians
Egyptian Art Collection : The Musicians

ancient greek art paintings - Nebuman the Hunter
Egyptian Art Collection : Nebuman the Hunter

greek frescoes replicas - the offering
Egyptian Art Collection : The Offering

ancient italian art - roman the goddess
Roman Art Collection : The Flower Goddess

Italian Window:

Produced on a composite signboard, this mural combines texture materials to replicate brick and a custom image creating a window. The concern of portability was resolved with this hangable solution which becomes part of the architectural integrity of the room. The image is a composite of photos provided by the customer. As a montage of images from the hometown of family in Italy, this work of art has become truly personal and valuable addition to the home.

Italian Window painting
Italian Window


“Thanks for an excellent job. Two people who saw the mural actually thought we had a window installed with the painting behind them. NICE EFFECT! ”


Jonathan, Macungie, PA





“We love everything as does everyone else. I'm thrilled with the mural. It's terrific. I keep staring at it. Thanks again! ”


Joanne & Ken, Allentown, PA



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